About CleanseHive

Protecting Your Family From A World of Toxic Chemicals Can be Hard – Let’s Make it Easier!

Welcome to CleanseHive! I’m Jay, a writer, mom of two, and spoiled brat (according to the man who spoils me). I ‘m a Caribbean girl born and raised in South Florida, spent a few years studying in Georgia, and now call Texas home.

I made this site after our daughter (#Covidbaby) was born and my husband brought home an article the company he worked for had done on indoor air quality and its effect on children.

That random article took me down a rabbit hole of researching how many toxins are used in baby products, and then, in the everyday products we rely on daily. I became even more freaked out when our daughter started to have random health problems like skin rashes, lingering coughs, and unexplained respiratory infections.

I’d worked with children my entire professional career but now it was personal to me, and I became devoted to understanding everything that went into our families’ bodies. I remember exactly how things felt when I started. I was overwhelmed looking for answers, not knowing the next steps, and seemingly finding out that everything was terrible.

I know this process is overwhelming but I am here to make it easier for you. As my husband annoyingly says, we keep the first the first thing!

Jamila Williams

How Will CleanseHive Help You?

  • Learn about household toxins and where those toxins are found
  • Sift through the mountain of research on indoor air quality and water quality
  • Give you steps and tips to detoxify and clean your home
  • Find the safest non-toxic alternatives for your family

We don’t just rely on what companies say. We interview experts and contact companies directly. We buy many of the products we recommend with our own money.

We have tested products for VOCS, lead, BPA’s and all sorts of other nasty stuff you don’t want your family eating, breathing or drinking.

Training and Education

While I am a big advocate of formal education, I have also learned a lot from the good old fashion school of hard knocks.

We learn a lot from trying and failing, testing products, and tapping our networks to talk to true experts on particular topics.

With almost 10 years of experience working in healthcare with children and a few years as a mom under my belt, I have learned how to ask questions.

However, if you want to know my credentials, here you go:

Certifications and Trainings

  • UGA Student Advisor Certificate
  • ABPTS Pediatric Specialist Certification
  • 18 Years Spending Every Saturday Cleaning Supervised by a Caribbean Mother
  • Numerous other courses and trainings on health, wellness and child development

Product Guidelines

  • Products free of toxins and made with natural or organic materials.
  • Products with toxin free verifying certifications
  • Minimal use of plastics
  • We generally try to avoid products made in China unless it is not made anywhere else. It’s just nearly impossible to verify claims for many Chinese manufactured products
  • Avoiding known toxins, artificial flavoring or additives, fragrances as well as petrochemicals

Expert Advisory and Review Board

Providing fact-based information is the foundation of CleanseHive. As such, we rely on several licensed medical professionals or technical experts to ensure the accuracy of articles. Below is our medical advisory team.

Tiffany V.

Tiffany completed her Bachelor of Science for Nursing at Florida International University and her Doctor’s Degree for Nursing Practice at the University of Miami. She has been a practicing nurse focused on children’s emergency and medical surgery for 25 years.

Justin R.

Justin is our resident indoor air control and water filtration expert. He started his career in engineering ventilation equipment, including many years working as an Engineering Manager for New Product Development at Johnson Controls, one of the global leaders in HVAC equipment and indoor air quality. He left that career after 18 years to fulfill a lifelong dream of going into business with his brothers providing Plumbing, heating and cooling services to the South Florida region.