Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter Smells and Odors

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Good indoor air quality is important. Breathing fresh air gives you a sense of relief and also improves your health. A large number of people are allergic to pet hair, and cat smells. Pet owners are at risk of allergic reactions due to breathing polluted air. Owning a cat or having cat litter in your home affects the quality of air. They produce bad smells, and some breeds shed hair which might block your respiratory system. Having an air purifier, especially one that uses HEPA filtration technology and an activated carbon filter can help you deal with bad smells.  

Let’s look at everything you need about purifiers for cat litter smells.

Overview of Best Air Purifiers for Cat Litter Odors

Getting the best air purifier for cat litter can be a problem for some people. There are many options to choose from from different purifier models. However, what is the best model to deal with cat litter smells, and what factors should consider before buying an air purifier? This article covers the following issues:

  • Why do Cat litter boxes smell?
  • Alternative ways of dealing with cat litter box smell
  • The best air purifiers for cat smells.
  • The best air purifier models for pets.
  • The Testing process of determining the best air purifiers for cat smells.

We conducted research and came up with findings based on our expert opinion. The article covers the above issues and much more. Kindly read on to find out;

Do Air Purifiers Help with Litter Box Smell?

The answer to whether air purifiers can get rid of cat litter box odors is yes. Air purifiers can remove smells from cat litter boxes. Some air purifiers, specifically for cat owners, remove pet odors from your indoor air. They also get rid of pet dander and cat hair using various air purification techniques.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are required for the best air purifier for pet odors. The most common cause of pet allergies, pet dander, can be filtered out by a HEPA filter. This will also help remove the smell of the litter box from your home.

What is the best Type of Air Purifier for Cat Litter Dust?

An air purifier with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter layer is the type that is most frequently suggested for getting rid of cat litter box odor. A HEPA air purifier must have an activated carbon filter if you decide to buy one. This is because this filter absorbs odors from the air. When it comes to odors, a HEPA filter could be more effective.

A HEPA air purifier can capture larger particles like pet hair and dander. The activated carbon deals with smaller air particles that make up volatile organic compounds and other gasses. Ammonia is produced from cat faeces and urine that cause the litter box to smell.

Air purifiers like the blueair blue pure can handle cat litter smells. We also have ionizers which are considered to be less effective when dealing with cat litter dust.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best Air Purifiers For Cat Litters

ModelLevoit Core P350Rabbit Air BIO GS 2.0IQAir HealthPro Plus
ProsProduces little noiseIt has an automatic sleep mode.Has a sleek portable design
ConsHas a cheap build qualityCan only be controlled using a remoteThe purifier is expensive
CADR Rating145 CFM162 CFM300 CFM
Filter TechnologyPre- Filter, True HEPA Filter, High Efficiency Activated Carbon FilterA True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon FiltersMedical Grade H14 HEPA filter, A True HEPA Filter, HyperHEPA
Room Coverage370 square feet550 square feet1125  square feet
Weight7.4 Pounds16.8 Pounds35 Pounds
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Best Air Purifier for Cat Litters

There are many air purifiers on the market. Some purifiers come with a true HEPA filter while others have unique features like the sleep mode. However, which ones are the best for dealing with cat litter odors? Let’s take a look at the best air purifier for cat litter:

Best Activated Carbon Filter Air Purifier – Levoit Core P350

One of the top air purifiers for cat litter odors is the Levoit Core P350. It has a three-layer filter system that captures dangerous airborne pollutants and gets rid of them after each use. The best feature of this purifier is its quiet operation, which makes it perfect for use at night. 

The sleek design of this air purifier includes soft LED indicator lights that are easy on the eyes. The best thing about this affordable air purifier is that you can move it around your house without being concerned about running into anything or making a sound because it is silent. It has an auto-off feature that causes the purifier to turn off automatically after 10.5 hours of inactivity. 

The Levoit Core P350 filters the air using three filters. The best feature of this purifier is its unique filter system, which traps dangerous pollutants inside the device and gets rid of them after each use. 

A pre-filter, an activated carbon filter,  a carbon HEPA filter and two activated carbon filters are all included with the Levoit Core P350 air purifier. 

The Levoit air purifier has two integrated technologies that work together to get rid of odors from the air. The best feature of this air purifier is its activated carbon filter, which removes bad smells from the air and leaves your home with a fresh smell. To improve absorption, it also has PlasmaWave technology, which breaks down odor molecules. 

The Levoit air purifier is simple to use. The air quality and mode settings are shown on a digital display equipped with the device. Additionally, the air purifier has a remote control for easy operation. 

This Levoit air purifier is perfect for people who want an air purifier that can clean their home without moving it from room to room because it can clean up to 370 square feet. 

Low and high power settings are available for the Levoit Core P350 air purifier. 35 watts are used at maximum speed, and 10 watts are used at low speed. A five-year limited warranty on the product covers repairs should the purifier break down. This warranty also covers the replacement filter for an entire year after buying it. 

The price is different depending on where you buy it, but most retailers will sell it for between $250 and $300. The cost of the replacement filters is about $35. 

The triple-layered filter on the Levoit Core P350 traps dangerous pollutants in the air and gets rid of them after each use, making it the best air purifier for cat litter box odors. The best feature of this purifier is its quiet operation, which makes it ideal for use at night.


  • Has many filters
  • It is affordable
  • It does not make noise


  • The build quality is cheap
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The Best Quiet Air Purifier – Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet

In a test environment measuring 150 square feet, the BioGS 2.0 reduced the room’s particle concentration from 10,000 particles per cubic foot to 1,000 particles per cubic foot (what we consider “clean” air) in 15 minutes. With 20 more minutes, Rabbit Air achieved the lowest particle concentration imaginable: 100 particles per cubic ft.

A true HEPA filter for particle filtration is included with the BioGS 2.0. An air purifier gets rid of airborne particles and litter box odors. The HEPA filter on the Rabbit Air filters out particles, and the carbon filter filters out unwanted gases.

A HEPA is the standard filter for air purifiers. HEPA filters are very effective; they can remove up to 99.97% of the particles that pass through them.

The gas filter for Rabbit Air is made of a plastic honeycomb frame filled with numerous tiny carbon pellets. As the gases pass through the filter, these pellets bind chemically to the unwanted airborne pollutants to remove them from the air. The carbon filter in the BioGS 2.0 is excellent. Therefore, if getting rid of unwanted gas is a top priority for you, this is a great option.

One specific pre-filter is included with BioGS 2.0. The fibrous carbon filter serves two purposes as a pre-filter and a gas filter. This presents a problem because large particles can quickly saturate the carbon pre-filter. It then needs to be replaced at a cost.

The separate dedicated pre-filter for the BioGS 2.0 can be vacuumed or washed. It never needs to be replaced out of pocket. This means you can install the air purifier in a room completely covered in large particles and use it economically. The BioGS 2.0 has excellent filters, including a true HEPA filter, a carbon filter made of pellets, and a separate washable pre-filter.

It consumes 37.5% of the power it can produce at its highest fan speed, which is approximate. At its lowest fan speed, the BioGS 2.0 has a 7.5 ratio. The ratio would be even better if it didn’t output so little power (3.05 watts), which it does. Its maximum fan speed is 60 points 2 decibels.

Among the more powerful air purifiers on the market is the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0. It is made with incredibly high-quality components and has excellent design and craftsmanship. The fan’s brushless motor and blue braided power cable are high quality. A five-year warranty is also included with the unit.


  • Uses a true HEPA filter.
  • It has an automatic sleep mode.
  • It has a good design.


  • Only able to control it with a remote.
  • It is slightly expensive.
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Best Portable Air Purifier – IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is easy to move around thanks to its wheels and handle. Somebody can also pick it up and carry it around using the top handle.

With an effective coverage area of up to 1,125 square feet, the HealthPro Plus is categorized as a large room air purifier. It has six different fan speeds and can filter up to 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Before being released at 320 degrees through the top of the device, the air is filtered on three different levels. 

The Premax filter gets rid of spores, cat litter dust, pollen, and pet dander and pet odors.

In addition to viruses and bacteria, HyperHEPA filters can eliminate odors. 

Using the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier is very easy. Pull it into position, leaving at least a foot of space in all directions to ensure proper airflow. No power brick or adapter is needed; it simply plugs into a wall outlet. 

You can use the small control panel with an LCD on top of the device to turn it on and adjust the fan speed. The panel can also be used to program the air filter if you want it to run automatically and to check the remaining life of the different filters. Additionally, there are colored LEDs that provide a quick look at how well the filters are working. 

The box also contains a remote control. An air quality indicator is something that the air purifier does not offer. 

The Airvisual Pro tracks and shows air quality measurements, such as carbon dioxide levels and the Air Quality Index. When you connect it to your Wi-Fi network and set up an account, the display will also show AQI readings for your home, along with weather predictions and related information. 

The monitor has a power plug and a rechargeable battery, so you can move it around the house to take readings in different locations. 

The company sells replacement filters directly and through other retailers. Most people won’t ever need to replace the most expensive filter because they rarely change filters, which usually takes years.

An added advantage is the ability to filter cat litter smells. An air purifier like this will ensure you are not breathing polluted air. The IQAir HealthPro Plus can protect you from pollutants thanks to its HyperHEPA filter. 


  • Highly portable
  • It has many filters
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty


  • It is not very energy efficient
  • Produces noise when put on maximum fan speed
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Best Air Purifier for Good Air Quality – Alen 45i Air Purifier

The glossy white exterior of the Alen BreatheSmart 45i gives it a unique appearance. 

Although a powerful air purifier, it doesn’t occupy much room. It can also be fitted perfectly in any room. It is the perfect air purifier for your office, living room or bedroom. It can fit neatly into a corner or a cupboard when not in use and is light, making it easy to move around. 

The Alen Breathesmart comes in a range of designs which makes it easy to fit in your home decoration.  

The purifier is easy to set up and operate. After unwrapping everything, insert the HEPA filter with the pre-filter facing you into the front hatch using the air inlets on the side of the air purifier. Once you’re plugged in and ready, press the power button. 

The color of this light indicates the air quality in the space, making it more than just a decoration on the control panel. Five colors are used, ranging from purple, which indicates poor air quality, to red, orange, green, and blue, which shows excellent air quality. 

You can quickly go through the settings using the control panel. Changing between the four fan speeds, turning the LED lights on and off, or setting them to Auto, automatically adjusting the purifier’s settings based on the air quality. 

You can choose from several filters when buying the Alen Breathsmart 45i. The level of protection provided by each filter varies slightly. 

  1. HEPA-Pure – This filter can get rid of dust, pet hair, dust mites, and other airborne particles.
  2. HEPA-Fresh – With an Activated Carbon filter to deal with cooking and light smoke odors. Those who are affected by air pollution must use this air filter. 
  3. HEPA-Silver – For a little bit more money, you can upgrade to the HEPA-Silver filter. It can stop the growth of bacteria and mold spores.
  4. HEPA-OdorCell: This is the highest-level HEPA filter. It is capable of breaking down odor molecules.  

With four different fan speeds, you can easily reduce the noise made by the air purifier. You can change it and choose a fan speed that you are comfortable with. The air purifier will still do its job of making your indoor air quality better.

The air purifier increases fan speeds during the day in auto mode. It might produce noise that can be distracting, especially when working, watching TV, or listening to music. Naturally, this can be easily changed to what the user prefers by adjusting it to lower speeds. 


  • The design helps it blend easily in your home.
  • It is light and easy to move around.
  • It has a quiet operation and features a sleep mode.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is an expensive air purifier with expensive replacement filters.
  • Cheap filters don’t have activated carbon filters.
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Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms – PuroAir HEPA 14

This air purifier offers an unmatched level of protection against allergens, pollutants, and other harmful particles common in homes and offices. It uses a combination of power and efficiency to give users more refreshing air to breathe.

The Puro Air HEPA Air Purifier is a reliable and effective way to improve the air quality in your house and cat litter boxes. This air purifier uses a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter to capture and remove 99.9% of particles. This includes pollutants like smoke, pet dander, dust, pet odors, and mold spores.

You should check out this medical-grade HEPA 14 Air Purifier if your home has cat litter dust. Cat litter odor can be unpleasant and can also cause allergies. This air purifier has a timer, a fan speed control, a sleep mode, a child lock, and filter replacement indicators.

It is perfect for larger rooms where you want to improve air quality quickly. The air purifier can clean rooms up to 1,115 square feet in size in just 60 minutes. The air purifier has a number of features that make it simple to use. The child lock feature is useful if you have pets or children who might get too close to the air purifier.


  • Has a large room coverage.
  • Uses HEPA-14 filters
  • Can clean air in a very short time.


  • The purifier for cat litter odor is expensive.
  • The filters need to be replaced after some time.
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Cat Litter Air Purifier Buyer’s Guide

Air purifiers can help you get rid of cat litter dust and other airborne particles. However, getting the right air purifiers for your cats litter box can be problematic. You might have difficulty choosing the one that will help you the most. Other air purifiers can improve the air quality in your room but cannot handle pet hair and cat litter dust. Below is a guide on choosing the best air purifier for cat litter box odor.

Air purifier type

The most commonly used are the HEPA filter, carbon filter, and ionizer models of air purifiers. HEPA filters get rid of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

These particles include pet litter dust, pollen, mold spores and other pollutants. Carbon filters, which allow more airflow than usual HEPA filters, can also be used to remove gases and pet odors. An activated carbon filter and an ionizer can be combined for better cleaning.

Filter cleaning frequency

It’s important to replace or clean the air filter on a regular basis. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the air purifier performs at its best. Different models need to be replaced at different times. It can be once or twice a year. Before buying an air purifier for cat litter, confirm how long it can work before changing the filters.

Size of air purifier

For better filtration in a larger room, a bigger and more powerful air purifier is required. Before choosing a particular model, ensure the air purifier is powerful enough for the space. You can know this by measuring the room in which you plan to use it.

Noise level

Noise levels can be different between models depending on the type of fans they use. To determine whether a model is good for your home, try it out before buying it. You should not buy an air purifier that might scare the cat litter or affect your sleep.

Energy efficiency

You should buy energy-star-rated air purifiers. They consume less power and maintain high levels of performance. They become cheaper to operate and still give you good air quality. Go for air purifier models like the Blueair blue pure which will clean your cat’s litter box and remove all the pet odors. The air purifier uses less energy compared to other air purifiers.

Controls features

Air purifier models are different. They come with a variety of controls and features. These features include timers, remote controls, or two-speed settings for varying levels of filtration. The fan speeds can be adjusted to get rid of pet odor depending on the room’s air quality in the room. Pet owners should go for an air purifier that is simple to use.


Make sure the materials used in making the purifier are trustworthy and strong enough to last a long time without needing frequent repairs. It should not easily fail to work due to wear and tear. The air purifier should be able to handle pet hair and other airborne particles without getting damaged.

Cost of replacing filters

When choosing an air purifier, it’s important to consider the frequency and cost of replacing filters. Pet owners should buy a budget air purifier that is easy to maintain. This ensures you get an endless supply of clean air by getting rid of pet hair and cat litter dust.

Why Do Litter Boxes Smell?

Cats’ urine is more concentrated than that of other pets, which may explain why the smell of the litter box can easily spread through the entire house. The longer you leave dirty litter out, the stronger the ammonia smell becomes.

However, Extreme litter box smells might be warning signs of a urinary tract infection or something more serious. So, you should be aware of what is normal and what requires a trip to the veterinarian.

The cat’s diet may also affect the smell of its urine. A by-product of protein metabolism, ammonia is what gives urine its pungent smell. Give the cat pet food with a different protein source if the odor is overpowering.

Try switching to tuna if, for instance, chicken is the primary source of protein in your cat’s food. Encouraging your cat to drink water would be best because it will significantly dilute its urine.

The type of litter used to line the litter box is another crucial element that can affect its strong odor. The litter’s main function is to dry the litter box by absorbing urine.

Cats also cover their poop with litter to prevent bacterial growth, which is what gives off the odor. Additionally, covered waste keeps flies from laying their eggs on the waste.

How to Reduce the Pet and Litter Box Smells

Even though air purifiers can reduce cat litter odor, they cannot replace cleanliness. Therefore, you cannot put this off while you still need to change your cat’s litter. It’s time to change your cat litter if you can’t smell anything coming from the litter box. Thanks to your new air purifier, your cat uses the outside litter box. It would be best if you continued to take other precautions to ensure that your cat litter box does not smell in addition to or instead of using your air purifier. 

When you have cats, you can do many things to keep your home’s air clean. Here is a list of 10 different remedies for getting rid of cat litter dust that have been suggested online

  1.  Put a litter deodorizer to use. 
  2. Put bags containing activated carbon beneath your litter. 
  3. Use a litter box for cats that is automatic. 
  4. Use quality litter only. 
  5. Choose a Free Spot. 
  6. Periodic Cleaning. 
  7. Use a litter liner. 
  8. Use cat wipes. 
  9. Put carbon litter box liners to use. 
  10. Alter the diet of your cat.

Our Testing Process

We put together a team of professionals to test various air purifiers to find the best ones for pets. Our engineers discovered that many models we use in our labs pass our tests at high speeds. Determining the amount of particles these air purifiers can collect is usually difficult when not operating at full blast. Even on low settings, the top air purifiers in our rankings can effectively clean the air. They do it quietly and at affordable costs.

We put each air purifier in an enclosed space to determine how quickly an air purifier could get rid of dangerous particles from the room during testing. We then added smoke and pet hair to the room.

They have an intuitive design, so using them is easy. And moving them around, adjusting the controls, and switching out filters is simple. Additionally, we started incorporating a brand’s reliability and owner satisfaction ratings into a model’s overall score. Consumer Reports is the source for these rankings.

We came up with a list of the best air purifier for cat litter after considering these factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Purifiers Help with Cat Litter Smell?

Yes, having an air purifier can help you with cat smell. You should go for a HEPA air purifier that comes with activated carbon filters as they work much better in getting rid of bad smells.

How do I get the litter box smell out of my house?

You can get the litter box smell out of your house by using a purifier. Alternatively, you can use other methods like cleaning the box or replacing it regularly to remove the smell.

What is the best air purifier for litter box odor?

PuroAir HEPA 14 is the best purifier for litter odor. This is because it has a large room coverage and multiple filters to effectively eliminate odors from your home.

Do Air purifiers help with pet odor?

Yes, purifiers can be a good option for dealing with pet odor. They have filters that break down odor molecules and leave your house smelling fresh.


More people are now aware of the dangers of air pollution and purifiers’ role in keeping the air clean. Cats produce bad smell due to their urine and waste. They might leave your house smelling. Having a reliable air cleaner can change the quality of air in your surrounding. Consider buying an air purifier like the IQAir HealthPro Plus. It’s a portable air cleaner you can easily move from one room to another.

Owning a purifier takes you a step closer towards living a healthy life. Make the right choice and get your home an air cleaner.