Best Air Purifier for RV – 5 Top Options

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Written By Jamila W.

Life on the road can be more difficult, especially when traveling with your family. RVs are mobile homes; as such, they have all the pollutants we encounter daily. Pollutants can quickly accumulate when everyone uses the same area for sleeping, eating, and using the restroom.

There is also increased exposure to exhaust from moving cars, road dust, and allergies you experience when driving an RV.

As a result, keeping your family safe from dangerous contaminants in your RV is just as important as keeping them safe at home. The best way to keep your air clean, hygienic, and fresh is to buy a quality air purifier.

When choosing one for your RV, looking for important safety features in an air purifier is best. Your first port of call should be high-quality HEPA and activated carbon filters, which remove odors, and gasses and capture tiny contaminants.

You won’t be able to tell the difference if your purifier lacks enough fan speed to circulate the air in your RV effectively.

Overview of Air Purifier for RV

Well, one of the reasons we enjoy traveling in our RV is to take in the fresh air and discover new places.

The key to breathing clean air is a high-quality portable air purifier. They remove airborne pollutants that can cause asthma or make you sneeze, snort, or cough.

While traveling, a good air purifier can help maintain clean, fresh air. Furthermore, it is a proven scientific fact that being outside in the fresh air can help you stay alert and relaxed even after long drives.

Best RV Air Purifiers

Below is a summary of the best air purifiers for RVs.

ModelLevoit Core 300SPure Enrichment PureZone MiniLevoit Core MiniWestinghouse 1804Fellowes AeraMax 100
Room Coverage215 sq ft250 sq ft178 sq ft100 sq ft300 sq ft
Weight5.95 pounds0.6 pounds2.2 pounds2 pounds9.24 pounds

Best Overall: Levoit Core 300S

The Levoit Air Purifier is perfect for you if you live in an RV. This air purifier can remove airborne particles as small as 0.03 microns. Compared to this, the AC filter in your RV only captures particles bigger than 5 microns.

This model can filter an impressive 230 cubic meters of air per hour and work in areas up to 215 square feet. The Leviot’s highest performance can reach up to five full air changes in your RV every hour.

One convenient feature of this purifier is that you can buy various filter types, including ones for pet dander and mold and bacteria. An activated carbon filter that reduces odors is also built into the device. This purifier can easily remove cooking smells from your RV.

With measurements of 9 inches wide by 14 inches high, this purifier is small enough to fit on the end of a dining table or bed. The noise level of this specific purifier is another factor that makes it perfect for the bedroom. The noise level ranges from 24 to 50, with 24 as the sleep mode level.

The Levoit wouldn’t be any louder than what you’re used to hearing because most RV whisper-quiet AC units are about 25 decibels at their quietest. This purifier’s 45W power rating is roughly equal to the power used by a standard fan.

The need for maintenance is a disadvantage of this purifier. Every 2-4 weeks, you should clean the pre-filter. This filter captures larger particles like pet hair. You should clean the particle filter every month for it to work effectively. Considering the high cost of the purifier and the requirement to replace the main filter every 6 to 8 months will add to the price.


  • Has a high CADR rating
  • It has great performance
  • It comes with smart features


  • The smart app might delay responding
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Best Small HEPA Air Purifier for RV: Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini

Pure Enrichment PureZone is a powerful device with a movable design and an affordable price. It is important to have clean air whether you’re traveling or sleeping. The portable air purifier offers a large battery backup that works smoothly for long periods.

The main advantage of this air purifier is portability. For example, you don’t need to worry about additional power cables in your RV. In the same way, if you travel off-road, the purifiers with a connection cable might become unplugged. But thanks to the Pure Enrichment air purifier, you can stop worrying about these problems. With fast-charging technology, it offers a 12-hour battery life. It can then be recharged during breaks or at gas stations.

This air purifier combines air filtration and sanitizer to ensure protection from all types of air pollution. The air filter uses many filters to get rid of large particles from the air. These filters include a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter.

Additionally, it makes the air in your home clean by removing smells and smoke particles. It uses an electric charge to get rid of harmful bacteria. This air purifier can offer you total protection in your RV by removing all pollutants.

The replacement filter lasts 4-6 months, depending on how you use it.


  • It has fast charging
  • It has long battery life
  • It has a unique design
  • It Uses UV light to kill germs
  • It is a very portable air purifier for RVs


  • When fully charged, you must remove it from the charger or risk damaging the battery.
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Best Budget Portable Air Purifier for RV: Levoit Core Mini

The mini is as little as its name suggests; it weighs slightly more than 2.2 pounds and is only 10 inches tall. This air purifier can be carried in any bag so you wouldn’t have issues taking it on a trip.

In the Levoit Core line, the Levoit Core Mini is the smallest device. The Levoit air purifier is a small to medium-sized device from Levoit. The Core Mini belongs to the H11 series of HEPA filters because its HEPA filters effectively trap 97 percent of 0.3-micron particles. This is smaller compared to the H13 used in larger devices. Using a smaller fan is more energy efficient and will consume less power when cleaning air.

The Levoit Core Mini is a very small air purifier, so it only covers rooms that are 71 square feet in size. The device will clean the air 4.8 times in an hour in a room this size, so I advise using it in spaces of this size.

The Core Mini performed admirably in my performance tests, which we conducted in larger spaces, so it might be helpful in slightly larger RVs. In a room up to 178 square feet, for instance, this air purifier will clean the air twice an hour. It has a CADR rating 0f 35CFM and is best suited for smaller rooms. It is also an affordable air purifier.


  • It’s easy to use
  • It has low power consumption
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Produces little noise


  • It does not come with a filter replacement indicator
  • It does not work in large rooms
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Best Air Purifier for RV Bathroom: Westinghouse 1804

This portable, rechargeable air purifier uses a three-stage process to purify the air in small spaces. It weighs only 2 pounds and has a size similar to a metal lunchbox. It has two fan speeds, an 8-hour battery life, and a leather carrying strap.

NCCO has the rights to the 3-stage air filtration process used by the Westinghouse 1804. It uses an active oxygen generator to create air-cleaning ozone. It also has a medical-grade HEPA filter to capture pollutants. The nanotechnology reactor breaks down and decomposes pollutants. As a result, up to 100 square feet, or 9 points, of space has clean air.

You get the air purifier, the NCCO Reactor, the HEPA filter, the power cord, the wall power adapter, a Philips screwdriver, a mounting strap, and the user manual inside the box. It can remove dust and volatile organic compounds from your RV.

When you remove the front cover from the device, the HEPA filter can be seen inside. To do this, press the unit’s side release button. Filter replacement is simple and possible because no tools are required to access the filters. This makes it one of the best air purifiers for RVs.


  • Kills pollutants and other allergens
  • The battery can last up to eight hours
  • It is a very portable air purifier for RVs
  • Can effectively clean air in a small room


  • It has a complicated user manual
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Best Quiet: Fellowes AeraMax 100

The AeraMax 100 Air Purifier does a great job of purifying the air. The smart sensor’s fan speed setting is surprisingly quiet for such a large machine and accurate. The air purifier uses a lot of energy.

The four-stage filtration system of the AeraMax 100 Air Purifiers raises the bar for air purification considerably. The employees of AeraMax have decided to move forward, for better or worse, when most businesses are still stuck in the three-stage filtration era. For that, they have evolved and become better.

The Activated Carbon Filter serves as a pre-filter to get rid of large airborne particles like smoke and household odors. The AirDog air purifier uses the same True HEPA filter to remove tiny airborne particles like pet dander and mold spores.

Mold, fungi, and bacteria that cause nasty odors cannot grow because of the Aerasafe Antimicrobial Treatment. To safely remove airborne pollutants, PlasmaTrue Technology creates an ionized field that can be turned on or off.

The AeraMax 100 Air Purifier does not only remove odors in your house but also works to stop them from returning. But this purifier has high power consumption when it cleans the air in your home.


  • It has Great Filtration Performance
  • It has low noise levels
  • The Smart Sensor works perfectly and can detect pollutants in smaller RVs


  • It has a high power consumption
  • Can Only Clean a Small Room
  • The purifier is expensive
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Buying Guide: Important RV Air Purifier Features

Always think about getting an air purifier if you travel frequently. Following the pandemic two years ago, the market is full of high-quality purifiers. There are so many options that deciding on the best air purifier for the RV can be difficult.

Consider the purpose of such a purchase when deciding about something important like this. In this case, it is because of RV travel. Before you decide to buy an air purifier for RVs, there are specific factors you must consider. Follow this guide when buying an RV air purifier;

Size and Portability

It would help if you had a small air purifier with the same power as other air purifiers with high room coverage because RVs are already cramped. You can find air purifiers of all sizes and levels of portability on the market, which is a good thing.

However, it would be best to ensure that the filters were the appropriate size. Don’t just look at the air purifier’s exterior; read the specifications and assess the size of the filters as well. It can be challenging to choose an air purifier based on size.

If the air filter is too large, the purifier might waste energy when filtering the air. If the filter is small, the purifier will not clean a small space perfectly. This includes a small RV.

Ease of Use

The air purifiers that are the simplest to use tend to sell the best. You can stay busy because traveling is an active hobby. Therefore, even something as straightforward as closing an air purifier can seem like a lot of work in this chaotic world.

This is why it’s crucial to pick an air purifier with smart technology that improves your daily life. The auto mode, timer, and simple control panel are features that make using an air purifier easy. These features make it very simple to use these air purifiers.

Energy Efficiency

Because you are traveling in an RV, ensure the air purifiers you use should be energy efficient. Consider looking into LED lights and battery-operated air purifiers available on the market.

These are wonderful and can provide great comfort, making them simple and affordable air purifiers.

Noise Level

It can be tiresome to travel for several days in an RV. The annoyance level can be increased by adding the air purifier’s distracting noise in the background. You will eventually become so disturbed by listening to loud noise that you want to leave your RV.

Low-noise range air cleaners are useful in this situation. Low noise ranges are ideal for RV air purifiers, so you can test them out and choose the one that suits you the best.

How to Install an Air Purifier in Your RV?

You must first unwrap the air purifier and its filters if you just bought a new air purifier and are the new owner of the device. For instance, many people need to learn the filter’s plastic should be removed before turning on the purifier. To prevent avoidable mistakes, follow these easy tips and tricks before installing an air purifier in your RV.

  • Install your air purifier away from the walls to give it some breathing room to give you clean air. Pick an accessible location for the air purifier in RVs. 
  • The center of the room will be the best location to collect impurities and bad odors. It will assist you in keeping your RV’s air quality high. 
  • Ensure the air purifier is of high quality; if it isn’t, your trip may be less fresh than it is. With no foul smells or polluted air, you can enjoy your road trip with the best air purifier.
  • Filters are almost universal in RV air purifiers and are simple to clean and replace. It is advisable to clean or replace the filter before a long trip if you have an RV.  
  • An air purifier can solve all your problems at once, whether you travel with pets, smoke inside your RV, or during a particularly pollen- or dust-filled season. 
  • Pick and install the proper air purifier in your RV for a clean and safe journey.

Our Testing Process

Our thorough testing identifies the air purifiers that effectively and effectively clean the air in your home. Here is more information about our tests.

We run thorough lab tests to address the most important air purifier questions.

  • How quickly does it eliminate airborne common allergens in various particle sizes?
  • On full power and low power, how loud is it?
  • How much power does it consume?
  • Are the filters simple to replace and remove?
  • How user-friendly and secure is the smartphone app if the smart air purifier can be controlled from it?

We then select the models with high rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RV Has the Best Indoor Air Quality?

An RV with an in-built air conditioner is among the travel trailers with the best indoor air quality. They allow air to circulate through it and remove pollutants.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Car Fumes?

Yes, air purifiers can remove fumes. They have filters that trap smoke particles and the activated carbon filter can be used to get rid of harmful car fumes.

How Do You Purify the Air in Your Car?

You can purify the air in your car by getting a portable air purifier. Alternatively, you can open the windows of your car and allow fresh air to pass through.

Is a Hepa Filter Worth It for Your Car?

Yes, a HEPA filter is worth buying. It can trap up to 99% of airborne particles from your RV. This gives you clean air.


Pay close attention to the air you breathe while traveling, whether you enjoy weekend getaways or live in a van full-time. It’s important to remember that living in an RV comes with additional dust and the same indoor pollutants.

To deal with harmful particles, choose a purifier with high-quality filters. Your best performance will come from a combination of HEPA and activated carbon filters. Otherwise, you’ll waste valuable RV space and energy without realizing a gain.