Ozone Machine Dangers | Why You Should Avoid Ozone Generators

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Written By Jamila W.

Breathing clean air and maintaining indoor air quality is important and has several benefits. There are different methods of air purification. Among the many methods and air cleaners we can use, we have Ozone generators. There has been some speculation on the effectiveness and effects of these cleaners. 

After doing research, we take a look at some of the dangers of these machines and why you should avoid them. Here are some of the topics the article covers;

  • The working of ozone generators
  • The uses of Ozone generators
  • How harmful ozone is
  • Health effects of ozone generators

Kindly read on to learn this and much more about ozone generators.

What is Ozone?

Three oxygen atoms make up the ozone molecule. The basic oxygen that we breathe has two oxygen atoms. The third oxygen atom in the ozone molecule can separate and reattach to molecules of other substances. This changes the chemical composition of the molecules.

How Harmful is Ozone?

Ozone can be harmful to the lungs and the respiratory system. People who buy these ozone generators might not know this fact. A person may experience coughing symptoms or difficulty breathing after being exposed to ozone.

Exposure to a lot of ozone can damage the lungs or even cause death in severe cases. Children and older people are more at risk when exposed. Ozone is one of the air pollutants that can affect both humans and animals.

What Are Ozone Generators?

Ozone generators are air purifiers that emit ozone gas after finishing the air purification process. The manufacturers usually make claims that might mislead the users. The products are not safe to use and end up increasing indoor air pollution.

How Do Ozone Generators Work?

Ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms. These atoms can get attached to other substances and become air pollutants. Ozone generators prevent such chemical reactions by breaking apart oxygen molecules. It uses an electric charge to complete this process. There are two methods that these generators produce ozone;

  1. Silent Discharge – In this method, an electric charge splits the oxygen atoms. The molecules come together and form ozone.
  2. UV Radiation – Ozone generators use UV radiation to break apart oxygen atoms. However, this method produces less ozone than corona discharge.

What Are the Uses of Ozone Generators?

People use ozone generators to carry out different tasks. Here are some of the common uses;

Reducing Mold

Ozone generators are used for “blasting” or “shocking” mold, which kills it. Mold spores in the air can harm your health, especially your lungs. Getting rid of mold is always the main aim because it can cause asthma and allergies. But building materials like carpet and ceiling panels often need to be removed and destroyed to get rid of mold. Mold can be eliminated quickly and affordably with the help of ozone generators. 

Eliminates Germs and Bacteria

Substances that cause disease, such as bacteria, germs, and viruses, are usually hidden. They can increase the chances of you getting sick in your home. They are hidden in bathrooms, remotes, kitchen sinks, or spice containers. However, ozone generators have shown that they can get rid of most toxins that can cause diseases by breaking them down. 

Deals with Bad Odors

Odor removal is one of the most common uses of ozone generators. Ozone gas will also attack the airborne pollutants that produce bad smells. This can be helpful in different situations, such as in hotels with cigarette smells.

You can also use it to get rid of pet smells from your home. Shocking the room with ozone concentrations can be used when other methods are unsuccessful.

Pest Control

Ozone can kill common household pests like cockroaches and rats when in high concentration. This must be done in closed rooms to ensure safety. 

Ozone works by destroying cells. This process is dangerous for unwanted small animals hiding around your home or business and might kill them. Ozone is a better option compared to pesticides because it kills these creatures without using any chemicals.

Reasons to Avoid Ozone Generators

Ozone machine

Ozone machines are not only dangerous, but they can also fail to work. Let’s look at some of the reasons not to buy them.

Unpredictable Exposure Levels

EPA claims it is hard to determine ozone concentration levels because of different factors. The work done by ozone generators is different in every room. There will be much higher concentration levels when a powerful device is used in a smaller room. If the doors and windows are open, they will affect the ozone concentration in the room. There are also materials in the room that react with ozone. The movement of air in the room and the person’s nearness to the device also determine how affected they will be.  

Failure to Remove Particles

Do ozone generators get rid of particles such as dust or pollen from the air? There are no proven facts that it does. These are particles that cause allergic reactions. To deal with this, some generators come with ionizers. However, they are not as good as HEPA filters when getting rid of dust and pollen.

Dangerous Chemical Reaction

Ozone generators work by causing chemical reactions with air pollutants to get rid of them. They use this process to deal with the different pollutants in your indoor air. The reaction is a slow process that can take months or much longer. Usually, some byproducts make the air quality worse. 

For instance, ozone got rid of many substances from new carpets when combined with them in an experiment. However, it also produced different dangerous organic compounds into the air.

It May Reduce the Immune System

These devices contribute to long-term health problems. Some findings show being exposed to ozone affects our immune systems. This makes it easier for us to get sick. It affects the ability of the body to fight breathing-related diseases.

Evidence shows that those exposed to ozone for a long time cannot handle bacterial infections.

Affects People with Asthma and Allergies

Ozone has harmful effects on people. However, people with allergies are more at risk. People suffering from asthma struggle with constricting airways, which are made worse by pollutants. A buildup of mucus in the pipes or an airway swell due to asthma can all result in symptoms.

Asthma can also cause the muscles around the airways to contract, causing blocking. Ozone is a problem for those with asthma for two main reasons. 

  1. Their lungs will first be affected by lower ozone concentrations. People who have asthma may have breathing issues at levels that seem too little for the rest of us. 
  2. They may experience more side effects from ozone exposure, including increased coughing, breathing difficulties, and pain. 

Ozone may make it worse for such people. Ozone can increase allergy symptoms like throat or lung irritation. This happens more when combined with other pollutants like pollen or pet hair. 

Ozone can worsen people’s symptoms and affect their general health when combined with hay fever or other allergic reactions. People living in large cities or areas with high levels of air pollution may be at more risk of the effects of ozone.

Final Thoughts

Ozone generators are a cheap alternative to air pollutants but are less effective. They have bad EPA ratings and pose more threats to your health. We have reviewed the reasons to avoid using these machines and their health effects on your life.

Take a stand and avoid buying ozone generators. You will gain less and lose more.