A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 5 Air Purifiers for 1000 Sq ft

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Written By Jamila W.

Gone are the days of homes that are safe and secure for residential living; as globalization rises, indoor air quality is fast becoming a breeding ground for airborne pollutants. Known to be 5 times more polluted than outside air, poor indoor air quality is a slippery slope to a slew of respiratory and chronic illnesses when not properly dealt with.

Invisible, invasive, and intimidating without any traces left behind, these airborne particles are detrimental to human health. From allergens to mold and smoke particles, the list of air pollutants is endless. Hence, a powerful air purifier with a strong clean air delivery rate is essential to keep potential health conditions at bay through improved indoor air quality.

Overview of Large Room Air Purifiers

When it comes to choosing the right air purifier for confined spaces, the first criteria should always be dependent on the size of the home or office space. Not restricted to just living rooms, it is also important to decide if a single air purifier is sufficient for household usage.

Not too small to be an inefficient air cleaner and not too large to take up limited space, healthier air is easily within reach. In certain circumstances, a smaller air purifier might not be enough.

With average bedroom sizes of 132 sq ft in the US, larger rooms should be double the size aggregating around 300 sq ft. Therefore, a large air purifier that covers up to 1000 sq ft is often recommended. This helps to ensure that airflow in the room is purified more than once per hour for maximum efficacy.

In this article, discover tested air purifiers guaranteed to do their job effectively with minimal fuss, installations, and disruptions.

Best Air Purifiers for 1000 sq. ft

To select the best air purifier for 1000 sq ft, it is crucial to understand your needs.

One of the easiest ways is to determine the large room size before making a purchase. By knowing your available space beforehand, improving air quality becomes a more achievable task with the right air purifier. Not limited to just the size, having a clear idea of the type of air filter you desire is also incredibly helpful in making the right choice.

That’s where we come in.

Explore the endless benefits and detailed comparison of several air purifiers that work up to 1000 sq ft in this article meant to help you decide better. Tried, tested, and well-used in multiple trials, every air purifier recommended comes from first-hand experience that has proven effective in eliminating airborne particles, pet dander, volatile organic compounds, and pet hair.

Heres a Summary of the Top 5 Basement Air Purifiers

  1. Levoit Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air PurifierBest air purifier for 100 sq ft that covers up to 3175 sq ft with minimal disruptions and noise levels while facilitating high indoor air quality with a 3-step filtration process and multiple smart features.
  2. IQAir HealthPro PlusThe best HEPA air purifier with ethical manufacturing and a flurry of corporate responsibility initiatives to inspire, motivate and encourage clean indoor air quality while providing a great working environment to all its employees.
  3. Blue Pure 211i MaxOne of the best-designed air purifiers with HEPA filtration, activated carbon, and customizable pre filter that allows you to improve overall air quality, aesthetic and eliminate harmful particles with minimal effort and noise levels. 
  4. Coway Airmega 300sBest business investment for the season covering 2513 sq ft with an explicit 4 stage filtration technique of true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and a washable pre-filter a prompt fan speed.
  5. Austin Air HealthmateBest medical grade air purifier that provides clean air in areas up to 1500 sq ft in 6 disparate colors and a unique blend in its filtration system: 2 pre-filters, true HEPA filters and activated carbon filters with zeolite.

Best Air Purifier for 1000 sq ft – Levoit Core 600s

A revolutionary smart air purifier with an in-depth 3-stage filtration system, the Levoit Core 600s is a potent ally in eradicating harmful air pollutants at exceedingly low noise levels. Famed for its auto mode in shutting off and state-of-the-art quality sensors known as AirSight Plus™ Technology, its benefits encompass more than just smart features, multiple fan speeds, and true HEPA filters.

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Levoit Core 600s Plus Highlights

  • The Levoit Core 600s is designed to purify air in enclosed spaces of up to 3175 sq ft.
  • It uses a 3-stage filtration system with a true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and a pre-filter.
  • Short filter life of 6-8 months with a low electrical consumption 49W.
  • This air purifier comes with a 2 years limited warranty.

With its true HEPA filter rooted in the HEPASmart™ Technology, it eradicates up to 99.97% of airborne particles with a tiny size of 0.3 microns while its statically charged fibers trap up to 99.9% of viruses and 99.99% of mold and specific bacteria invisible to the naked eye.

Here are some core benefits of the Levoit Core 600s:

Large Space Coverage

Highly efficient with a huge confined space coverage of up to 3175 sq ft, the Levoit Core 600s prowess lies in its efficiency. Armed with a high clean air delivery rate, it uses VortexAir™ Technology in tandem with its air quality sensor that purifies air in rooms within minutes.

It works primarily with its aerodynamic design, curved fan blades, and raised vents to purify air at lightning speeds. For spaces below 635 sq ft, you can expect air quality in the room to be fully cleaned in 13 minutes or less. In larger areas of up to 1588 sq ft, you can improve air quality in 30 minutes.

The best part?

Areas below 635 sq ft get 5x the amount of air purification, which ensures that high-quality air is constantly available. This makes this large air purifier an extremely effective product for allergy and respiratory disease sufferers.

Smart Features

Trendy with digitalized to fit in with modernity, the Levoit Core 600s have a myriad of technologically enhanced aspects that makes it impossible to resist. From customized schedules to a filter replacement indicator, this air purifier is every smart home’s dream. With its intuitive display of air quality in real time, this air purifier utilizes the AirSight Plus™ Technology to continually adjust multiple fan speeds. Directly visible on smartphones, this makes it incredibly useful for homeowners to monitor indoor air quality. In conjunction with its light sensor, residents no longer have to stay awake to dim the lights or turn off the air purifier once sleep mode takes over. Through auto mode, every step of the way is covered.

Non Existent Noise Level

One of the main features of this air purifier is its QuietKEAP™ technology. Medically recommended to have noise levels below 45 dB, Levoit Core 600s takes it a step further with a guaranteed 26 dB. Only available in sleep mode, it is a perfect addition for families that prioritize restful durations. Particularly useful for first-time parents and fussy children, the efficiency and effectiveness of the air purifier are not compromised by its whisper-quiet technology, which makes it a long-term solution for keeping air quality ideal.

FiltersPre-filter, H13 True HEPA Filter, Custom High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter with ARC Formula™
Filter Longevity6 – 8 months
Coverage3175 square feet
Power Consumption49 Watts
Warranty2 years limited warranty

Best HEPA Air Purifier for 1000 Sq. Ft – IQAir HealthPro Plus

Recognized for its medical grade HEPA filters, the IQAir HealthPro Plus is a large air purifier best known for being chosen by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority for both SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Best used to capture ultrafine particles that cause heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and even cancer, this is the only HyperHEPA filtration system on the market which makes it a great addition to any home for chronically ill or medically vulnerable patients.

Photo courtesy of IQAir Plus

IQAir HealthPro Plus Highlights

  • The IQAir HealthPro Plus is designed to purify air in enclosed spaces of up to 1125 sq ft.
  • It uses a 4-stage filtration system with a HyperHEPA filter, V5 Cell Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption and Pelletized Chemisorption and Pre-Max Micro Particle Filter.
  • Long filter life of 4 years with a high electrical consumption 160W.
  • This air purifier comes with a 10 years limited warranty for labor and parts.

What truly sets this air purifier apart is the ability to capture airborne particles as small as 0.003 microns that can be deposited in the lungs and flow into the bloodstream. From viruses to smoke and soot, it is an integral tool in keeping residents’ health clear and free from potential contaminants that can cause long-term damage.

These are the main advantages of the IQAir HealthPro Plus:

HEPA Filtration

Since ultra-fine particles make up over 90% of indoor air contaminants, it is vital for air purifiers to diligently eliminate pollutants below 0.1 microns in size. Due to the detrimental consequences such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and even cancer of these airborne contaminants, selecting an air purifier that removes these particles is essential.

Focused on eradicating airborne particles of all sizes, the IQAir HealthPro Plus comes with a special filtration system known as the HyperHEPA. With these HEPA filters, each air purifier is proven and certified to eradicate over 99.5% of particles as small as 0.003%.

Through independent testing, each air purifier is only shipped when it delivers 99.97% cleaner air than before. This makes it a wonderful addition to homes of allergy and respiratory sufferers seeking clean air in the comfort of their own homes.

Eco & Ethical Manufacturing

Unlike other brands, IQAir HealthPro Plus prides itself on being an ethical manufacturer that drives environmental sustainability. By complying with the energy efficiency laws of the European Union and Switzerland, it facilitates the highest standard of existing product regulations. This ensures that each air purifier is safe and secure for long-term usage.

In addition, conserving energy and resources and reducing overall waste is part of its motto. From decreasing chemical usage to carbon footprint, the list is endless when it comes to providing a high clean air delivery rate without harming the environment.

Long Shelf Life for Replacement Filters

Advertised as a true eco-friendly air purifier, the IQAir HealthPro Plus is the only one that has a filter shelf life of over 2 years. Through its state-of-the-art true HEPA filter, it only needs a replacement every 3-4 years, depending on the model.

Yet, usual HEPA filters have a much shorter lifespan of 3-12 months. Not just for HEPA ones, the V5 Cell and PreMax filters take 3 years to 16 months, respectively, for their first filter replacement. No matter the room size, the filtration system works efficiently with little replacement. This makes IQAir HealthPro Plus an extremely cost and environmentally-friendly product for homeowners looking to purify the air in large places. 

FiltersHyperHEPA, V5 Cell Granular Activated Carbon, Pre-Max Micro-Particle
Filter LongevityHyperHEPA – 4 yearsV5 Cell Granular – 2 yearsPre-Max Micro-Particle 16 months
Coverage1125 square feet
Power Consumption160 Watts
Warranty10 years – limited warranty for parts and labor only

Best Designed Air Purifier – Blue Pure 211i Max

Scandinavian, sleek, and stylish, the Blue Pure 211i Max is any trendy homeowner’s dream. Available in 3 colors, it is built with comfort and consistency in mind. Armed with 5 washable pre-filters, it is a seamless blend for high air quality air and only air purifiers with an abundance of washable fillers. Customer-centric with a myriad of smart features, it is a revolutionary product that promises efficiency, effectiveness, and efficacy without compromising on any features.

Photo courtesy of Blueair Amazon.

Blue Pure 211i Max Highlights

  • The Blue Pure 211i Max is designed to clean air in enclosed spaces of up to 3000 sq ft.
  • It uses a three-stage filtration system with a fabric pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon Layer.
  • Short filter life of 6- 9 months with a low electrical consumption 46W.
  • This air purifier comes with a 1 year limited warranty for parts.

Awarded the ‘Energy Star Most Efficient 2023’, the Blue Pure 211i Max is renowned for being effective yet having high energy efficiency. Filled with smart features and multiple fan speeds, it is a modern-day’s dream for any homeowner looking to upgrade their indoor air purifier. Whisper quiet operation guaranteed, comfort has never been easier.

Here are the key bonuses Blue Pure 211i Max brings to the table:

Fastest Filtration System

Despite just being a 2-step filtration system, the Blue Pure 211i Max is reforming air purifying speeds exponentially. Using HEPASilent™ technology, this air purifier is able to fully clean a confined space of 635 sq ft in 12.5 minutes. For spaces up to 1524 sq ft, it takes 30 minutes. By operating at just 46W, it is a potent ally in keeping the air clean with a high clean air delivery rate (CADR) while driving energy 

The best part?

Famed for its high energy star rating, the Blue Pure 211i Max is one of the best air purifiers for destroying airborne particulates effectively. In addition, you can customize a pre-filter of your choice to improve air quality in your home. It uses HEPA filters and an activated carbon layer to eradicate smoke particles, pet dander, pet hair, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.

Easy to Use

In spite of its energy star efficiency, the Blue Pure 211i Max comes packed with multiple smart features. Available in 5 fan speeds, it automatically adjusts to indoor surroundings based on its in-built air quality sensors. This makes it incredibly easy to use with fuss-free options as it automates and changes modes at will based on current air quality.

Unlike other air purifiers, the Blue Pure 211i Max is the only one that is distinguished as a family-friendly air purifier with a child lock that keeps curious fingers at bay. As a powerful air purifier for living rooms, it eliminates air pollutants while controlling brightness and providing live air quality readings with a 5-color LED indicator.

Smart Features

Instead of worrying about devices turned on each time you leave the home, you can now operate the Blue Pure 211i Max virtually even though you’re far from your large room. Utilizing its app, you can keep your one large air purifier on standby and turn it back on for fresh air once you’re closer to home. With filter tracking, you can improve air quality in bigger spaces by having prompt and accurate filter replacement within expiration dates. Coupled with voice control, eradicating air pollutants via your air cleaner in larger rooms is no longer a hassle.

FiltersFabric Pre-filter, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Layer
Filter Longevity6-9 months
Coverage3000 square feet
Power Consumption46 Watts
Warranty1 year

Best Business Air Purifier – Coway Airmega 300s

Silent, simple, and seamlessly integrated for long hours of use from 1-8 hours, the Coway Airmega 300s established a reputable image as an air purifier that is suitable for use in any room size. From large spaces to smaller confined areas, it is best suited to purify indoor air in 30 minutes in enclosed places up to 1256 sq ft. Together with its incredible filtration system of true HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and reduced noise levels, over 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often successfully eliminated with little fuss.

Photo courtesy of Coway Amazon

Coway Airmega 300s Highlights

  • The Coway Airmega 300s is designed to purify air in confined spaces of up to 2513 sq ft.
  • It uses a 4-step filtration system with a washable pre-filter, true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter.
  • Normal filter life of 6-12 months with a low electrical consumption 57W.
  • This air purifier comes with a 5 years of warranty.

Independently tested across 3 organizations, including Energy Star, Intertek, and CARB, the Coway Airmega 300s is an ideal addition to a large room or either room size due to its ability to cover up to 2513 sq ft. Connected via applications and easily adjustable in 3 smart modes, it is perfect for use in different venues such as schools, offices, gyms, and hospitals. This makes it an apt business tool that enhances the workplace by improving air quality for large spaces with a quiet operation that won’t distract employees with its low noise levels.

These are some of the main advantages of the Coway Airmega 300s:

Dual Suction Purification

By leveraging its HyperCaptive™ Air Filtration system, the Coway Airmega 300s goes a step further in air purification by capturing, deactivating, and eliminating over 99.999%¹ of particles down to 0.01 ㎛ which is significantly smaller than most bacteria and viruses.

Known as the True HEPA filters technology, it specializes in trapping 99.98% of ultra-fine air pollutants such as bacteria, mold, germs, dust mites, viruses, and pollen. In addition, its carbon filter goes a step further to neutralize odors such as food smells, cigarettes, VOCs, and pet dander.

To fully facilitate Coway Airmega 300s’s high CADR in large spaces with low noise levels, its dual suction purification with carbon filters and true HEPA filters works on both sides of the air purifier. Instead of a single suction, it works twice as hard to purify air no matter the room size.

High Energy Efficiency

The Coway Airmega 300s only costs 16 cents for 24-hour usage based on Los Angeles utility costs.

No matter the room size, Coway Airmega 300s works to the efficiency of two air purifiers. Not just a whisper-quiet operation with low noise levels, it can be used around the clock. Energy and cost-efficient, it is a great tool for business or home use in a large room since the air purifier is more than usable in a 1000 sq ft area.

Adding on 3 smart modes of auto, eco, and sleep, the Coway Airmega 300s is one of the best air purifiers that provides hassle-free usage. This makes it easy to be seamlessly integrated into offices since it adapts and adopts low energy consumption to keep bills all-time low.

Convenient Filter Replacement Indicator

Unlike other air purifiers, the Coway Airmega 300s comes with a washable pre-filter. Since the pre-filter captures larger particles, washing it is much more sustainable than getting a new one. One of the best parts about this air purifier is that the replacement filters last an average of 6-12 months on exceptionally low power consumption of 57W.

With people spending 80-90% indoors, replacing filters timely is of critical essence. In addition, the filter replacement indicator also highlights when the true HEPA filter and carbon filter need changing, apart from reminding users to wash the pre-filter.

FiltersPre-filter, Max2 Filter, Max2: Activated Carbon Filter, Max2: Green True HEPA filter
Filter Longevity6 – 12 months
Coverage2513 square feet
Power Consumption57 Watts
Warranty5 years

Best Medical Grade Air Purifier – Austin Air Healthmate

Sterile, silent, and speedy, the Austin Air Healthmate is a revolutionary air purifier selected for a clinical trial at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre. Upon its installation, asthma sufferers (mostly children) reduced their hospital stints by over 20% due to improved air quality. Coupled with a state-of-the-art filtration system of 2 pre-filters, a HEPA filter, and activated carbon filters with zeolite, it is a substantial addition to larger rooms since it works best in areas up to 1500 sq ft.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Austin Air Healthmate Highlights

  • The Austin Air Healthmate is designed to purify air in confined areas of up to 1500 sq ft.
  • It uses a 4-stage filtration system with 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter and activated carbon filters filled with zeolite.
  • Long filter life of 5 years with a high electrical consumption 135W.
  • This air purifier comes with a 5 year mechnical and pro-rated filter warranty.

Due to its comprehensive warranty situation, the Austin Air Healthmate takes the cake as the best medical air purifier. Available in 6 different colors, it requires special care to keep your filtration system running effectively while ensuring your replacement filters last at least 5 years. With over 100% of homes having unacceptable levels of air quality, it is high time to invest in one to keep illnesses at bay.

Here are the core benefits of the Austin Air Healthmate:

Medical Grade Filters

Renowned for its 360-degree air purification technology, the filters of Austin Air Healthmate are one of a kind. It includes true HEPA filters, 2 large and medium particle pre-filter, and a uniquely made activated carbon filter that possess zeolite. Built to last a lifetime, this air purifier is more than enough for 1000 sq ft and focuses on eliminating allergens, mold, pet dander, chemicals, gases, and odors.

Setting itself apart from its rivals, it prides itself as a powerful air purifier that reduces viral load, risk of infections, nighttime allergies, asthma attacks, coughing, wheezing, and dry mouth issues to strengthen the immune system. Fully emphasizing its medical advantages, its key lies in its medical grade HEPA filters that eradicate over 99% of airborne pollutants that are 0.1 microns or larger.

Customer Friendly

Not just used to clean air, the Austin Air Healthmate is committed to customer satisfaction. Instead of pushing its latest product or brand, it focuses on helping consumers choose what fits them best. On their official website, people struggling to make the right choice can take a free analysis to help them select the best purifier for their large room.

Comprehensive with multiple questions, it was created to put every consumer’s mind at ease. Despite the needs analysis, Austin Air goes one step further by having a second quiz: Help Me Choose. Comparing a variety of their products, the best one is recommended after customizing your needs through a series of questions.

And it doesn’t stop here.

Austin Air Healthmate comes in 6 colors, perfect for aesthetic designs. This ensures every homeowner has a chance to get clean air in a large room or home without compromising on interior design for long-term visual effects.

Convenient with Steel Perforated Intake

In its original filtration unit, it remains the most sought-after product as the Austin Air Healthmate is adept in removing sub-micron particles, noxious gases, and chemicals. With its steel perforated intake, all sides of the air purifier can take in air for immediate purification through a 4-stage filter.

In addition, each air purifier comes with 4 wheels for easy accessibility and portability across larger rooms or areas in a home. Coupled with the high-efficiency motor and 3 centrifugal fan speeds, it is available for use in all corners of the house.

FiltersLarge Medium Particle Pre-filter, True HEPA filter, activated carbon and zeolite filter
Filter Longevity5 years
Coverage1500 square feet
Power Consumption135 Watts
Warranty5 years


Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right Air Purifier for Large Spaces

A large room is considered at least 350 sq ft yet below 1900 sq ft.

For an air purifier to meet your needs in a large room, it needs to be able to do three things: eradicate harmful airborne pollutants, circulate air with smart features, and have a high clean air delivery rate. As recommended by EPA, clean air needs to be purified at least 5 times an hour.

For the first one to take place, a special filtration system, including HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, needs to be in place. In addition, the type of air purifiers chosen also largely depends on the inhabitants of the house and the current air pollution level.

To help you choose better, here is a simple guideline to help you out.

Assess Your Surroundings

Before researching the type of air purifier, determine the air pollution level in your home. Start by assessing your surroundings and where you live. If you live in a city, consider checking out if you reside in a busy, road-filled street or the suburb where lush greenery is aplenty.

Depending on the location of your home, you can have a clearer idea of where to begin. For example, if you live on the first floor with windows facing a busy car-filled road, then you should consider a large air purifier that is more efficient with true HEPA filters that will trap all incoming airborne pollutants.

Determine Your Needs

Once you have an idea of your current home location, write down what you need. These things largely vary on several factors that are uncontrollable. To do a proper assessment, you need to be clear on why you need an air purifier. Start by listing down a range of reasons that contribute to your need for air purifiers; the common ones include:

  • Asthma, allergies, and respiratory symptoms
  • Prevent viral infections due to COVID 19 etc
  • Weakened immune system etc
  • Unnecessary air pollution externally (burning from neighbors, exhaust fumes, factory fumes)
  • Pungent odors from internal or external influences
  • Better health for you and the family

Once you are sure of why you need an air purifier, move on to the next step.

Measure Your Room Size

The size of your confined space plays a huge role in successful air purification. For the air purifiers to work, you need to ascertain the size of your home or large room. The room size can be tricky to measure. Hence, the most common way is to rely on actual valuation reports from your real estate agent.

If that proves to be difficult, consider these methods below on how to measure your room:

  • Check the floorplan and determine the actual size of your enclosed space
  • Consider doing it manually by using a pencil or measuring tape and having someone help you
    • Simply start by measuring the sides of the walls in length and width
    • Multiply the two numbers, and your room in sq ft should be accurate

A slight variation should not affect the effectiveness of your air cleaner in any shape or form.

Be Specific

Once you have the main details, go back to your list again. This time includes all the nitty gritty details you need to select the perfect air purifier. Reliant on your actual desires and preferences, your ideal air purifier very much depends on this list you have created. By identifying it as a ‘wants’ list, you can determine what is preferred but not absolutely mandatory.

Here is a simple list to guide you:

  • A smart air purifier that has auto modes to turn off through seamless adjustment
  • A visually appealing air purifier that comes in various colors for you to fit into your home
  • An environmentally friendly air purifier that aligns with your personal values
  • A silent air purifier with a non-existent noise level because you have light sleepers
  • An air purifier with more than one fan speed to fit your needs better
  • An air purifier that has an energy star rating to conserve energy for long-term cost savings

For people with smart homes, they tend to prefer devices that harmoniously synchronize effortlessly. In addition, clumsy and forgetful homeowners are usually recommended to get air purifiers that turn off automatically to prevent energy wastage to save utility costs.

Technical Expectations

Once you have decided on the above, move on to the actual air purifier technicalities you need. For people with enclosed areas above 1000 sq ft, choosing a large air purifier that caters to additional space is vital. This ensures air is circulated multiple times to keep it clean, fresh, and consistently high quality.

Here are some of the technical aspects to determine for your air purifier:

One pro tip is also to decide how many air purifiers you need in a large room. Some people prefer having many small air purifiers in a home, while some just want to invest in a one-fits-all large air purifier. 

Placement of an Air Purifier for a Large Room

The only way for an air purifier to work is for it to do its job: uninterrupted. For that to happen, it is essential to place your air purifier strategically to draw in air unobstructed to continue circulation effectively. In the right place, it can increase efficiency by 20%. With poor placements, such as behind a television or cupboard, you lose over 50% of efficacy.

To guide you in the right direction, follow these 7 simple steps to help you get started:

  1. Leave air purifiers closest to the source and highest concentration of pollutants
  2. Put your air purifiers 3 – 5 feet above the ground
  3. Keep your air purifiers in areas with the highest air circulation levels such as doorways or windows
  4. Be mindful not to put your air purifier in a corner
  5. Make sure the air purifier is a standalone device with no blockage or visible obstruction
  6. Avoid high humidity areas as it lessens the efficiency of HEPA filters
  7. Do not leave it close to electronic products to prevent electronic interference

A quick tip is to consider mounting your air purifier on a wall instead of leaving it around. Horizontally or vertically installing it helps ensure airflow is unobstructed or blocked from various room areas.

How to Calculate What Size Air Purifier You Need?

To choose the best air purifier for your home, the size is largely dependent on the sq ft of your home. By focusing on finding an air purifier that can purify air more than once an hour within your designated size, it would be the most ideal situation for most homeowners.

Known as the clean air delivery rate (CADR), you can use this basic guideline below to select the best air purifiers for you.

Our Testing Process

Contrary to popular belief, our testing process is detailed, rigorous, and extensive. With a 1 week trial, we carefully evaluate all technical specifications of an air purifier before testing it in real time.

By putting the initial expectations in place, we note down the pros and cons of each air purifier before categorizing them based on varying needs.

This ensures that all results are accounted for before releasing it for recommendations to help you find a perfect one for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, explore questions that are continually asked to help you make up your mind better.

What size air purifier do I need for 1000 sq. ft?

The size of your air purifier is largely dependent on your needs. We highly recommend you follow the comprehensive steps above to decide what is best since individual needs differ. If your home requirements are not extensive, then perhaps the Levoit Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier would suit you best.

Can one air purifier clean an entire house?

The short answer is yes. However, the placement of the air purifier and the size of your home matter. Hence, poor placements and multiple obstructions in large enclosed areas over 2000 sq ft might affect an air purifier’s effectiveness.

Is a bigger air purifier better?

No. A bigger air purifier does not necessarily mean it is better. The size of your home and the amount of airborne pollutants play a huge role.

Does sq. ft matter for an air purifier?

Yes, it matters significantly due to the CADR (clean air delivery rate), which determines the number of times airflow has been purified in the home.

What is the best air purifier for an open-plan house?

For an open-plan house with no obstructions, the Blue Pure 211i Max is probably best if your home is above 2000 sq ft.

In Summary

As globalization trudges on, the need for air purifiers rises exponentially due to an increased risk of infections or illnesses such as asthma, allergens, and respiratory issues. Despite the myriad of air purifiers available, making the right choice can be difficult.

Hence, this article was generated to help you decide after rigorous testing conducted to give you peace of mind.

From medical-grade air purifiers like Austin Air Healthmate to premium ones for normal home use like Blue Pure 211i Max, living a healthier, happier life is no longer an impossible feat.

Get high indoor air quality by selecting the perfect air purifier to enhance your home’s environment today!