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Since the pandemic, people have been spending more time indoors as part of a safe and secure lifestyle. Yet, many fail to realize that poor air quality is fatal. From almost doubling the risk of childhood pneumonia to being a substantial cause of hospitalization (15% of admissions), the consequences are endless.

Overview of Basement Air Purifiers

Known as the ‘stack effect,’ the way air flows through the home plays an integral role in indoor air quality. If you have a damp or musty basement, dust mites, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds will invade every nook and cranny of your home. When 40%-50% of the air you breathe comes from the basement, it becomes essential to improve basement air quality.

This is where basement air purifiers come in.

In this article, discover the best air purifier for basement systematically categorized into broad terms of budget, borders, and benefits.

Best Air Purifier for Basement

With the vast range of options available, making the right choice can be challenging. To combat this, the best air purifiers have been tried and tested on week-long trials to help you select what suits you best. From HEPA filters to carbon filters, each air purifier for basement is designated to improve air quality exponentially.

Find out the best air purifier for basement that is specially curated into categories guaranteed to fit your desired benefits, budget, and border to eradicate air pollutants.

Heres a Summary of the Top 5 Basement Air Purifiers

  1. Honeywell HPA300A premium HEPA air purifier with activated carbon filters that provide clean air with its 3-stage filtration system which removes airborne pollutants effectively in enclosed areas of up to 2250 sq ft.
  2. Hathaspace Smart Air Purifier – The perfect budget without compromising on clean, breathable air in your cosy home. Despite its unbeatable pricing, it cleans air consistently of up to 15000 sq ft while eradicating VOCs extensively with its carbon filter that will keep you and your family much healthier in the long-run.
  3. Alen FlexAir Purifier – Best air purifier for 2000 sq ft, Coway Airmega 400 covers up to 2000 sq ft at a time. Smart and sleek with effortless remote control, maintaining clean air in the room is effortless even when you are fast asleep.
  4. Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier – Known for being the best all-in-one air purifier for an entire home, Levoit Everest Air is your best bet. Its flawless design that allows you to install your air purifier on the wall to get fresh, clean and breathable throughout your home with unbeatable air-scanning technology.
  5. Nuwave OxyPure Pro Air Purifier – Best air purifier for a large room that is safe and energy efficient as an energy-star certified product that specializes in VOCs, odor and particle removal. Keep your home fragrant, clean and fresh with little effort!

Best Overall Air Purifier – Honeywell Allergen Plus

For big basements, the Honeywell Allergen Plus is a wonderful addition. Specialized in removing microscopic airborne particles, it is an effective allergen eradicator of unpleasant odors and other air contaminants, including pet dander, pet hair, pollen, smoke, and mold spores.

Honeywell Allergen Plus Highlights

Picture courtesy of Honeywell AmazonThe Honeywell Allergen Plus is designed to purify air in enclosed spaces of up to 2250 sq ft.
It uses a 3-stage filtration system with a HEPA filter, premium activated carbon filter cover, and a pre-filter.
Normal filter life of 12 months with a high electrical consumption of 130W.
This air purifier comes with a 5 year warranty.

As a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier, it eliminates over 99.97% of microscopic air particles to keep air pollution at bay. This ensures that air circulation from the basement is fresh and clean when it wafts to the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Here are some main benefits of the Honeywell HPA300:

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

As one of the best HEPA air purifiers, the Honeywell Allergen Plus is reputable as a prompt cleaner by reforming air quality within an hour in spaces up to 2250 sq ft. Perfect for a large home or room, its efficiency ensures harmful particles are quickly destroyed. Functioning well as a basement air purifier, it revolutionizes air quality in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

HEPA Filter

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, HEPA filters are mechanical components that eliminate the worst penetrating particle of 0.3 microns. By effectively eradicating over 99.97% of mold spores, pet hair, and dander, it is a potent ally in preventing mold growth in basements. A godsend to many households, it keeps every part of the house filled with fresh air.

Filter Reminders

Since many air purifiers do not operate at maximum efficacy when replacement filters are not implemented, it is vital that homeowners stay updated to ensure indoor air quality is consistent. With over 82% of the population regularly forgetting to change their filters, the in-built filter change indicator is a helpful reminder that makes filter changes fuss-free.

FiltersPre-filter, HEPA, and Activated Carbon
Filter Longevity1 year
Coverage2250 square feet
Power Consumption130 Watts
Warranty5 years
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Best Smart Air Purifier – Hathaspace Smart

Famed for its true HEPA filters, the Hathaspace Smart is an encompassing 5-in-1 air purifier for basement use as it improves air quality in areas up to 700 sq ft. Taking it a step further to completely eradicate odors, its in-built anion ionizer is a revolutionary change compared to all other air purifiers.

Hathaspace Smart Highlights

Photo courtesy of Hathaspace AmazonThe Hathaspace Smart is designed to purify air in confined spaces of up to 700 sq ft.
It uses a 4-stage filtration system with a cold catalyst, HEPA pre-filter, H11 HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.
Short filter life of 4 months with a short electrical consumption 40W.
This air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty.
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As a good air purifier with a double HEPA function, it is a powerful yet tiny device that swiftly eradicates volatile organic compounds, dust, allergens, pet dander, and hair, as well as pesky mold spores which are common in basements

These are the key advantages that set the Hathaspace Smart apart from all the air purifiers:

True HEPA Filters

Unlike other air purifiers, the Hathaspace Smart comes with 2 HEPA filters. One is a pre-filter, with the other is a true HEPA filter (H11 & H13), which is renowned for going a step further. Having one as a pre-filter effectively removes larger debris, pet hair, and tint. The second one purifies the air in the space by eradicating smaller particles, including allergens, dust, pollen, pet dander, and tobacco smoke. With a 2-in-1 HEPA filter in place, it is a foolproof method for cleaner, fresher air.

Eradicates Multiple Viruses

Apart from being like most air purifiers with 3 types of fan speed, Hathaspace Smart is an allergy and respiratory sufferers miracle. For better health, it is the best air purifier for basement to keep every resident’s physical body safe and secure. Independently tested by Intertek, it is famed for having over 98% success rate in eliminating several viruses such as Staphylococcus Albus, Escherichia Coli, H1N1, and EV71.

Whisper Quiet & Cold Catalyst Filter

Sleeping in is no longer a luxury as the Hathaspace Smart air purifier eradicates VOCs and odors silently with its cold catalyst filter. One of its kind amongst all the other air purifiers, it is a powerful partner in ensuring musky scents from the basement never reaches your nose.

The best part?

It does its job without a squeak with a sleep and light mode that is easily adjustable to fit your sleeping schedule.

FiltersHEPA Pre-filter, Cold Catalyst, True HEPA (H11) and Activated Carbon
Filter Longevity4 months
Coverage700 square feet
Power Consumption40 Watts
Warranty2 years
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Best Air Purifier for Basement Mold & Smells: Alen FlexAir

Depending on your needs, the Alen FlexAir purifier for basement has got you covered. Fully customizable to fit your needs, it stands out as an aesthetically pleasing yet effective air purifier. One of its core features is having an H13 true HEPA filter that comes in 4 variables with activated carbon filters, odor neutralizers, normal H13 HEPA filters, or additional carbon to remove tobacco smoke.

Alen FlexAir Highlights

Photo courtesy of Alenstore AmazonThe Alen FlexAir is designed to purify air in confined spaces of up to 700 sq ft.
It uses a customizable 1 stage filtration system with a main H13 True HEPA filter
Normal filter life of 12 months with a low electrical consumption of 8W-50W.
This air purifier comes with a lifetime warranty.

Not just a great air purifier, it has a customizable filtration system that adapts to your needs. By determining what you need beforehand, you can choose filters that eliminate odors, VOCs, or noxious gases.

Here are some core benefits of the Alen FlexAir air purifier:

Aesthetic Design

Built with design in mind, the Alen FlexAir is not just one of the best air purifiers but also one that stands out in terms of colors. Available in 6 colors, including grey, mahogany brown, dark grey, white, and light brown, it is built to fit any home. A basement air purifier, it would blend in the surroundings with little notice while still doing its job of purifying stagnant air efficiently.

Customer Centric with Customization

Oriented to fit any customer’s preference, the Alen FlexAir is the only high-end air purifier that has a customizable filtration system. By offering 4 different filters for homeowners to select, it prioritizes the needs of all consumers before selling its core functions. The four filters are commonly known to be:

  • Pure – Filter: Medical-grade H13 HEPA Air Filter (used to eradicate allergens, dust, mold, and germs)
  • Medical-grade H13 HEPA Air Filter with Carbon (used to eradicate harmful chemicals and VOCs, cooking odors, and common household odors + capturing allergens, dust, mold, and germs)
  • Medical-grade H13 HEPA Air Filter with Odor Neutralizer (used to neutralizing pet, diaper, and other stubborn household odors + eradicating pet dander, allergens, dust, mold, and germs)
  • Medical-grade H13 HEPA Air Filter with Extra Carbon (used to eradicate) noxious gases from wildfire smoke and secondhand smoke, harmful chemicals, and VOCs + capturing allergens, dust, mold, and germs

Similar to an activated carbon filter, it comes with additional carbon to truly portray its prowess as a powerful air purifier for basement needs to improve indoor air quality. A pro tip is to consider getting the Medical-grade H13 HEPA Air Filter with Odor Neutralizer if your basement is prone to pungent smells. If your basement is usually damp and wet, the Medical-grade H13 HEPA Air Filter with Extra Carbon is probably best to keep you and your family healthy at home.

Smart Design

Smartphone-savvy with the option for upgrading, any homeowner can fully benefit from the BreatheSmart FLEX AQM Bundle that comes with a live air quality display. Unlike the air quality indicator light, it is a trackable system in the Alen app. This provides historical and real-time data to track airborne pollutants in your basement easily.

FiltersTrue HEPA filter (Customizable)
Filter Longevity9 -12 months
Coverage700 square feet
Power Consumption50 Watts
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Best Budget Basement Air Purifier: Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier

With its AirSight™ Plus Technology, the Levoit Core 300s is an evolved air purifier with a great air quality sensor and air quality display that comes in 4 indicating colors. Available for viewing in apps on smartphones, it is a high-quality air purifier that has 3 filtration stages that play an integral role in capturing mold, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles.

Levoit Core Mini Highlights

Photo courtesy of Levoit AmazonThe Levoit Core 300S is designed to purify air in enclosed spaces of up to 356 sq ft.
It uses a 3-stage filtration system with a pre-filter, HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.
Short filter life of 6 months with a low electrical consumption 26W.
This air purifier comes with a 2 years limited warranty.

As a basement air purifier, it takes things one step further with its aromatherapy functions. This ensures that air quality is enhanced and the overall ambiance of the space.

These are the key advantages of the Levoit Core 300s air purifier:

Patented Technology

Not just any air purifier, it is one that comes with a QuietKEAP technology that is patented with an emphasis on keeping noise levels as low as 25dB. A potent ally for inducing sleep for homeowners, it is a wonderful addition that guarantees minimal sounds at a fraction of the cost of other air purifiers. In addition, the display lights go off automatically after 60 seconds, making sleeping a peaceful routine without needing human intervention to dim the lights.

Voice Control

Made to fit dynamic globalization across the world, the Levoit Core 300s encompasses every digital platform in the industry. Working in tandem with Google Assistant or Alexa, you can easily instruct your air purifier to carry out specific tasks and demands with ease. From a 3-hour timer to automatically turning it off upon cleansing, homeowners no longer need to worry about forgetting their basement air purifier. Simply leave it in the basement and let it do its work silently and efficiently as an energy-star certified air purifier.


Contrary to popular belief, essential oils play a major role to improve air quality. Eradicating up to 95% of fungi and bacteria particles in the air, tea tree oil is a mandatory addition for allergy and respiratory issues sufferers. With Levoit Core 300s, you can eliminate pungent or pesky scents with the added benefit of keeping your airways clean, fresh, and healthy. Without fungi and bacteria proliferation, your home will be a safe space, as the air quality indicator will highlight to you. 

FiltersPre-filter, HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter
Filter Longevity6 months
Coverage356 square feet
Power Consumption26 Watts
Warranty2 years
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Best Large Basement Air Purifier: Nuwave OxyPure Pro Air

Due to its 5-stage filtration process, the Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air has established itself as one of the best air purifiers on the market. Boosting 4 types of different filters, it is the right size air purifier for large basements of over 2671 sq ft. Known as a green true HEPA filter air purifier, its eco-friendly function of washable filters helps save the environment: one step at a time.

Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air Highlights

Photo courtesy of Nuwave AmazonThe Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air is designed to clean air in confined spaces of up to 2671 sq ft.
It uses a 5-stage filtration process with a pre-filter, true HEPA, activated carbon, ozone emission filter and stainless steel filter.
Normal HEPA and carbon filter life of 12 months while washable filters last up to 20 years.
This air purifier comes with a 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty and 1-Year VIP Service.

Perfect for extra large basements, the Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air goes one step further by eradicating ozone emissions as a standalone air purifier.

Here are the main plus points of the Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air:

5-in-1 Filtration System

On auto mode, the Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air is a state-of-the-art basement air purifier that comes with 5 different filters guaranteed to capture 100% of airborne pollutants. Certified by a myriad of agencies, including Intertek and Energy Star, its main benefit lies in its 5 varied filters that cannot be found anywhere else. These filters include:

  • 2-in-1 HEPA and activated carbon filter
  • Ozone Removal Filter
  • Bio-Guard Filter
  • Stainless Steel Pre-Filter

From large debris to allergens such as pollen, you are covered for high indoor air quality.

Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving

Despite the varied air purifiers in the market, the Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air is a game-changer due to its washable filters that last up to twenty years. With a majority of the air filters (Ozone Removal Filter, Bio-Guard Filter, and Stainless Steel Pre-Filter) being easily washed, it saves the environment with lesser plastic usage.

The best part?

The Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air can run all year long at a cost below $10. In addition, the long filter shelf life refers to additional costs saved for you as you only spend money on a HEPA filter to keep your air purifier running at full capacity.

Eradicates Pathogens

The Nuwave Oxypure Pro Air purifier is perfect for basement use due to its ability to eliminate a range of viruses with a 99.96% success rate. No matter the condition of your basement, you can be rest assured that this air purifier will do its job to destroy potential pathogens, including:

  • H3N2 Influenza Virus – 99.96% success rate
  • Staphylococcus Albus – 99.99% success rate
  • Staphylococcus Aureus – 99.99% success rate
  • Escherichia Coli – 99.99% success rate
  • Aspergillus Niger – 99.99% success rate

Best used for people who have a weak immune system, this air purifier is the missing piece of a puzzle when added to a home that values high-quality indoor air.

FiltersStainless steel pre-filter, Bio-Guard, Ozone Removal, HEPA and an activated carbon filter
Filter Longevity12 months
Coverage2671 square feet
Power Consumption117 Watts
Warranty5 years + 1 year VIP service
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Buying Guide: How to Pick the RightAir Purifier for Your Basement

Selecting the right air purifier for your basement can be a daunting task. Vastly different than choosing one for the home, it is essential to understand the condition of your basement.

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Assess the condition of your basement

Checking appointments | Free SVG

To begin, start by checking every nook and cranny of your basement for these criteria:

  • The dampness of the basement
  • Mold Growth
  • Musky Scent
  • Devices that emit VOCs or Ozone
  • Potential gases released in the basement

By taking into account these aspects above, you can begin selecting air purifiers that specialize in areas you need help the most. From eradicating mold, odors, and gases to airborne contaminants, the list is endless.

Be Specific

A quick tip is to always prioritize what you desire out of having an air purifier.

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The best way to move ahead is by taking into account these main aspects an air purifier should have for any basement:

  • HEPA or True HEPA filter (for higher indoor air quality)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (to remove unpleasant odors)
  • High CADR level (to purify air efficiently)
  • Room Coverage that fulfills your basement space (to cover every nook and cranny)
  • Energy Efficiency (to ensure that it has an auto mode in case you forget to turn it off)

With these criteria in mind, it should be easier to make a wise decision that benefits your home.

Why Basement Air Tends to Be Awful

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Basements are the darkest and least ventilated places in most homes. Being far from UV light, it is a perfect breeding ground for a range of diseases and microorganisms. This leads to an increment of indoor pollutants in basements that can be tough to remove.

Hence, it is inevitable that the air quality in basements tends to be the worst.

Common Contaminants in Basement Air

Being isolated and far from natural sunlight, bacteria, viruses and indoor pollutants tend to rapidly rise in concentration. One of the main challenges in upkeeping basements is to prevent it from turning into a potential health hazard.

File:Common Water Contaminates.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Here are some common contaminants of basement air:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Radon gases
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Mold Growth
  • Insect Invasions
  • Fiberglass

All of these contaminants are fatal on a long-term basis for in-house residents. Not just musky scents or unpleasant smells; there is a myriad of other issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Thus, it is vital to invest in an effective air purifier to minimize potential respiratory, financial, and health issues.

Health Effects of Breathing Bad Basement Air

Due to the range of probable contaminants, the side effects that affect the physical body comes in dozens. From pulmonary respiratory issues to physical itching, the list keeps on going.

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Here are the most common health effects of breathing bad basement air:

  1. Asthma symptoms
  2. Allergic Reactions
  3. Coughing
  4. Wheezing
  5. Shortness of Breath
  6. Flu-Like symptoms
  7. Chronic or Acute Symptoms
  8. Lung cancer in severe cases of radion intoxication

With 16% of lung cancer cases directly caused by radon exposure in Canada, it is more important than ever to utilize an air purifier that will enhance indoor air quality.

How Do I Keep Basement Air Clean?

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The best way is by investing in a good air purifier for basement use.

A wise tip would be to choose an air purifier that purifies enclosed areas that are larger than your actual basement. For example, if your basement is 500 sq ft, getting an air purifier that covers over 1000 sq ft ensures the airflow is continuously cleaned more than once an hour.

This greatly improves the basement’s indoor air quality, which leads to better health in the long run.

Our Testing Process

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To combat your potential health issues at home, every air purifier is stringently and rigorously tested over a 1 week period. With our comprehensive checklists to identify challenges, we focus on bringing the best to your doorstep. Therefore, you can be sure every air purifier recommended in this article works as intended to keep you and your family safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do air purifiers work for basements?

Yes, air purifiers work particularly well for preventative maintenance when properly chosen based on the criteria listed above.

Do you need an air purifier for the basement?

The short answer is yes. A lot of airborne contaminants are invisible by the naked eye, which makes air purifiers all the more important to eradicate potential health issues.

Where should I put my air purifier in my basement?

Begin by putting your air purifier in areas where it’s the darkest and dirtiest. This ensures air is cleaned immediately before flowing through the home.

Do air purifiers help with mold in the basement?

Yes, they do, as long as you choose an air purifier that is strong enough to cover every nook and cranny of your basement.

In Short

Despite the many air purifiers available, it is always crucial to note the key differences between selecting one for the home and the basement. Due to the myriad of potential dangers from basement air pollutants, it would be wise to select an air purifier that effectively exceeds your expectations.

Hence, if you prefer a standardized device for your entire home, the Honeywell Allergen Plus is probably your best option to keep you and your family healthy.

If you have a particularly large area, it is probably best to go for the Nuwave OxyPure Pro Air purifier to create a strategic airflow within the home.

Get healthier by investing in what matters today!

Kickstart a cleaner living lifestyle with an air purifier to breathe easier one step at a time.