Unraveling The Secrets Of A Blinking Red Homedics Air Purifier

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Written By Jamila W.

Homedics has revolutionized air purification with its 5-in-1 technology that eradicates up to 99.97% of air-borne particles.

Despite the vast range of air purifiers in the industry, Homedics sets itself apart as an innovative brand that incorporates UV-C technology. Not just an ionic air purifier, Homedics air cleaning products are renowned for being an instant disinfectant.

With germicidal short-wave UV radiation, it inactivates air-borne pathogens swiftly even as a cleaning robot in Mayo Clinic. By utilizing this robotic solution, air purifiers are not just filters but disease destroyers that significantly eliminate the chances of getting ill.

However, like all electronic equipment, the human touch is still needed. 

This is where the blinking red light comes in. It usually indicates a single issue that needs immediate attention. In this article, you can resolve your Homedic air cleaner’s problems in minutes once you understand what makes it tick.

Why Is My Homedics Air Cleaner Blinking Red?

One of the most common reasons for a red Homedics air purifier is due to the UV-C bulb that needs a quick replacement. Depending on the model, the newer ones often have a filter indicator that is entirely separate to pinpoint the exact time to replace it. However, the best recommendation is to check your user manuals to determine how to fix the red light.

Here are some of the common reasons why your Homedics air purifier is blinking red:

Burnt Bulb UV-C 

When your Homedics air purifier starts blinking red on the control panel, it means the UV-C bulb has either burnt out or stopped working. This specific bulb plays an integral role in destroying air-borne pathogens by releasing an ultraviolet light. Despite it’s capacity of over 10k hours, it still needs regular replacement. 

Fresh Filter Needed

Every model of Homedics air cleaners come with multiple filters. From True HEPA to activated carbon filters, it is highly dependent on the device itself. Contrary to popular belief, there is a distinction between a HEPA filter and a True HEPA filter. Hence, when the blinking red light comes up, it is vital to understand which filter is clogged or needs replacement. 

Faulty Components

Occasionally, the red blinking light represents an internal breakdown of the device. This can only be derived if the filter or bulb is working perfectly fine. Not to mention, newer models of Homedics air cleaners support the uses of essential oils. To keep your homes smelling fresh with the right essential oils with multiple filters and UV light, it is inevitable for some parts to stop working at times. 

How To Fix It?

Based on the disparate issues, fixing a Homedics air cleaner requires a little effort. The key method is by determining the problem before having a solution. To help you better, this article has 3 main ways to combat the blinking red LED light.

Replace The UV-C Bulb

Once you are sure the UV-C bulb is the problem, changing it is probably best. Be sure to purchase a compatible one before proceeding to the next steps. For easier reference, the steps are compiled below:

  • Switch off the Homedics air cleaner and unplug it to prevent electrocutions
  • Pull the tabs to take apart the device with care
  • Gently remove the True HEPA filter to get access to the UV-C bulb
  • Unscrew it slowly then push it softly to rotate the bulb for simple removal
  • Rotate the new UV-C bulb in the device 
  • Re-install the bulb cover and put the HEPA filter in place
  • Reassemble the parts into position to close the device 
  • Latch on the final covers appropriately to ensure the device is intact
  • Plug in the product and start using it

Remember to check the indicator to ensure your UV-C bulb replacement process is complete.

Replace The Filter

With Homedics’s 5-in-1 technology for air cleaners, its multiple filters can cause the indicator to turn red. Not just using True HEPA filters, all models of Homedics also have an activated carbon filter that significantly improves indoor air quality. If your device is blinking red, a possible solution is to replace or refine the clogged or full filter. 

  • Unplug the Homedics air purifier after turning it off to prevent electrocutions
  • Take apart the device by gently pulling the tabs open
  • Gently remove the True HEPA filter or carbon filter
  • Check for obstruction or clogged particles in the filters
  • If the air filter needs replacement due to defects or being full, change it
    • If it’s just an obstruction, remove it and close up the air cleaner
  • Close up the Homedics air cleaner and plug it in for use

A general reminder is to replace the HEPA filter every 12 months. For later models that have a filter indicator, no reminders are needed. In the event where you choose to wash your carbon filters, it is impertinent to remember to dry it thoroughly before putting it back into the air purifier. 

Reset Homedics Air Purifier

There are rare cases when you have done it all yet nothing seems to work. This is when a quick air cleaner reset is required. Sometimes, devices take time to respond to different stimuli, hence a reset is usually the best way to get things fixed.

  • Turn off the Homedics air cleaner and unplug it
  • Plug it back in after 60 seconds
  • Turn it on and check the indicator

If the blinking is still visible, reach out to Homedics customer support to resolve your problem.

Final Words

Regardless of the issues, a Homedics air purifier can be a great addition if you conduct preventative maintenance. The smartest way to begin is by keeping a filter schedule to ensure to focus on continually improving indoor air quality.

With 3 simple solutions, you can fix your air purifier in minutes. 

Begin your journey to healthy home living today!