What Does the Red Light on My Winix Air Purifier Mean?

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Written By Jamila W.

Simple, sleek, and smart, Winix air cleaners are known for their efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of use. Due to a pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, improved fan speed and PlasmaWave technology, having clean air in homes is no longer a luxury. 

Fully automated to purify the air with minimal disruptions, Winix air purifiers occasionally need the human touch, usually when a red LED light blinks. Yet, it is not confined to a single spot. 

It is important to note that each Winix air cleaner has two areas that turn red.

Air Quality Indication

Once your Winix air cleaner’s air quality spot turns red, it signifies poor air quality in its current surroundings. Available in 3 LED lighted colors, each indicates a specified air quality level within a confined area.

These are the 3 basic representations of every level:

Red is the lowest level of air quality, indicating a high pollution level within a closed space.

Red Blinker

Every Winix air cleaner has an air filter function that blinks red when immediate attention is required. Slightly different than the winix air quality indicator, it is a continual flickering instead of a solid and consistent color. 

Contrary to popular belief, the LED light blinks red for many reasons. The most common one is when a filter needs to be replaced. Here are some key reasons while the filter light blinks red:

  • The current filter is full of dander and dust, which needs to be replaced immediately
  • The existing filter is improperly placed within the Winix air purifier and needs adjustment
  • The filter needs a reset due to a previous replacement or unexpected circumstance

Troubleshooting The Red Light 

Depending on the type of issue, it is vital to know which part of the Winix air cleaner needs fixing. For the red light, start by distinguishing if the air quality or the air filter requires attention. Once that is established, you can move on to fix it effectively. 

How To Fix The Red Light

Since there are two disparate red LED lights, setting them apart would be incredibly useful. From replacing dander-filled filters to resetting your Winix air purifier, this article has got you covered.

Here are the common ways to eradicate the blinking red light in your filter indicator:

Replace Your Filter

Once the red light starts blinking, take your Winix air cleaner apart and begin. A pro tip is to note the day you replace your filter so you can repeat the process within the manufacturer’s recommended times. These are the usual steps to note:

  1. Turn off the Winix air purifier and remove its plug from the household socket
  2. Gently take apart the air cleaner to get to the 3 primary filters:
    1. Push out the pre-filter without removing it
    2. Remove the carbon filter
    3. Remove the HEPA filter
  3. Replace or change your new filters into the empty spots – be sure to check the arrows indicated on the filter and air purifier to prevent ill-fitting input
  4. Close up the Winix air cleaner and plug it in
  5. Pay close attention to the LED colors to ensure it’s no longer red

Clean Your Winix Air Purifier Filter

In some cases, only a quick cleaning is needed. This usually applies to clogged or dander-filled filters that are washable. Follow the steps below to start.

  1. Switch off the Winix air cleaner and remove its plug from the household socket
  2. Gently take apart the air cleaner to get to the 3 main filters:
    1. Push out the pre-filter without removing it
    2. Remove the carbon filter
    3. Remove the True HEPA filter
  3. Clean all filters (consider vacuuming) and remove all obstruction
  4. Check the arrows indicated on both the air cleaner and filters to install them correctly
  1. Plug the Winix air purifier after it is properly put together
  2. Ensure that the LED light is no longer red

Reset Your Filter

Sometimes after replacing or cleaning your filter, it is normal for the LED light to continue blinking red. The only way to resolve this is by resetting your Winix air cleaner. 

Here are the main steps:

  • Begin by finding the tiny hole beside the blinking red indicator
  • Pick up a needle-thin stick to insert into the hole
  • Press for 5 solid seconds and release
  • Pay attention to the color (other than red) after resetting 

This should reset the Winix air purifier completely. 

Winix Air Purifier Light Meaning

If you face the red light in the air quality indicator, none of the above methods will work. 

The only solution is to improve internal settings immediately. When your air quality indicator turns red, it highlights many pollutants in the air.

To combat this, start your air purifier immediately. Turn the device on to its highest setting so your Winix air cleaner can do the work. This ensures the air in your confined area gets purified immediately.

Remember to check filter indicator light to see if the red light changes to amber or blue light. If this doesn’t work after a day or two, it could be a sensor malfunction. Hence, it is best to contact Winix personnel for help. 

In Summary

Fixing your Winix air purifier does not have to be a hassle. The key often lies in knowing what the red light stands for before proceeding. The best way to keep your home free of pollutants and viral pathogens is to conduct preventative maintenance regularly.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with a 4-stage air purification in all Winix air cleaners. From replacing filters and cleaning them frequently, keeping a timely schedule is essential. 

Always check the different indicators from time to time to ensure clean, breathable high-quality air within your cozy home.